Let's Move Beyond The Political Fight Over Health Care To Address The Forces That Shape Health | Cognoscenti


The Trump administration is once more trying to kill the Affordable Care Act (ACA). In a recent federal appeals court filing, the Justice Department said it concurred with a federal judge in Texas, who ruled to strike down the ACA after deeming it unconstitutional.

This comes almost two years after the administration pushed to repeal the law and replace it with a plan that would have stripped health coverage from millions of Americans. The administration has never stopped trying to undermine the ACA. It has consistently chipped away at it by attempting to undermine its provisions and resisting efforts to expand the law’s reach. Yet this new attempt to undo the law through the courts is arguably its most direct challenge to the ACA’s existence since the GOP-led Senate failed to repeal the law in a dramatic, middle-of-the-night vote.

The Trump administration did not create the opposition to the ACA, of course. The law has been controversial since before it was even signed by President Obama in 2010. Beneath the din of political debate, however, has been the fact of the law’s implementation. And the fact is: The ACA has made Americans healthier.

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