Op-Ed: On Social Divides and Health Divides | Healthcare of Tomorrow | US News

The 2016 election is over and we enter an era led by President-elect Donald Trump. The election, long and rancorous, revealed deep divides in America. The rise of Trump was clearly fueled by the anger of a long-marginalized segment of our society. The misogyny on display throughout the campaign demonstrated how far we still have to go in the area of gender equity, and the bitterness directed at Muslims, immigrants and people of color generally, sprang from a strain of ugly nativism that is inconsistent with American values, though, sadly, not American history. While a Donald Trump victory has been a sad endorsement of these values, it is worth remembering that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, which serves in some measure as a repudiation of the divisiveness and demagogy of the last year and a half.

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