Methods for Disaster Mental Health Research

methods for disaster.jpg

edited by Fran H. Norris, Sandro Galea, Matthew J. Friedman, and Patricia J. Watson


"...this book should be read by mental health professionals who seek clearly written, timely, and authoritative presentations on disaster research methodology." -Frederick J. Stoddard, Psychiatric Services

"This encyclopedic but easy to read volume offers a valuable and much needed resource to investigators attempting to meet the challenge of disaster research." -The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease

"The publication of this a seminal event in the history of disaster mental health research. It answers the growing awareness of a need for agreed-upon scientific values and articulation of methodologies within the disaster mental health research community, oriented toward the creation of information that can guide the development of programs and policy." -Rebecca P. Smith, PsycCRITIQUES

"...this publication answers the calls in current disaster literature for more research by synthesizing what is known about disaster and providing an effective tool with which this needed research can be conducted." -Andrea C. Walker, Death Studies