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Teaching Public Health

Lisa M. Sullivan and Sandro Galea

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Public Health

James M. Schultz, Lisa M. Sullivan, and Sandro Galea

Well: What We Need To Talk About When We Talk About Health

Sandro Galea


“A deeply affecting work from one of the important and innovating voices in American health and medicine.” -Ariana Huffington, Thrive Global

“For 45 years I have fought for equity, compassion, and inclusion in mental health, so I am thrilled to see Sandro Galea’s Well take the revolutionary and compelling stance that these principles can have a more beneficial effect upon public health than any scientific discovery.” - Rosalynn Carter, Former first lady

Available in  hardcover  and  paperback .

Available in hardcover and paperback.

Urban Health

Sandro Galea, Catherine K. Ettman, and David Vlahov

Healthier: Fifty Thoughts on the Foundations of Population Health

Sandro Galea 





"He is out to change the narrative, the way we think, feel, and act about the health of populations of people." -Lloyd I. Sederer, Book Forum in The American Journal of Psychiatry 

"From the modern epidemic of suicide among middle-aged Americans to the lessons we can draw from the undrinkable drinking water in Flint, Michigan, Galea has produced a compendium of teachable surprises." -Clifton Leaf, Fortune

The British Medical Association named Healthier a "Highly Commended" book in the 2018 Medical book awards.


Growing Inequality: Bridging Complex Systems, Population Health, and Health Disparities

George A. Kaplan, Ana V. Diez Roux, Carl P. Simon, and Sandro Galea



"...this book has something for everyone interested in epidemiology. It is a master-class in how to model and how to apply complexity thinking to public health problems." -Jeffrey Braithwaite, International Journal of Epidemiology 

"The complex systems model of understanding health disparities and population health emphasizes the importance of understanding systems as a whole to comprehend how population health patterns emerge." -Manuel Franco, American Journal of Public Health

"...the field may look back at the book by Kaplan et al. as a seminal work that helped launch a new literature." -Steven Woolf, American Journal of Preventative Medicine

Systems Science and Population Health 

Abdulrahman M. El-Sayed and Sandro Galea


Population Health Science 

Katherine M. Keyes and Sandro Galea





"...this is an important book in which the authors have succeeded in articulating some critical issues for prevention and public health. The text should be studied by multiple audiences as it brings in new ways of addressing public health issues that have been with us for centuries." -Ross C. Brownson, American Journal of Public Health

Epidemiology Matters: A New Introduction to Methodological Foundations

Katherine M. Keyes and Sandro Galea 




"...their approach is novel...and could potentially facilitate access to modern epidemiology for a public currently baffled by the often abstract and mathematical content of textbooks." -Alfredo Morabia, American Journal of Epidemiology

"The authors provide a clear introduction to central epidemiologic concepts, including causality, internal validity, external validity, study design, and measures of association using a step-by-step approach."  -Kristen A. Hahn, American Journal of Epidemiology

"I was particularly fond of the book's imaginative use of figures that presented many hard-to-explain concepts at a very intuitive level... The authors clearly took their time to empathize with students who may be exposed to this material for the first time."  -Michael Goodman, Annals of Epidemiology 

A Life Course Approach to Mental Disorders

Karestan C. Koenen, Sasha Rudenstine, Ezra Susser, and Sandro Galea 




"The authors have produced a successful, comprehensive overview of current data around the multifactorial, ever-changing aetiology of mental illness. The life course approach will be of use to clinicians working in mental health when modelling the factors contributing to mental illness on a population-wide and individual level, and would be a valuable tool for developing new and exciting approaches to tackling mental illness at a local and national level." -Alex Callear, Madeleine Treavis, and Helen Crimlisk, The British Journal of Psychiatry

The Causes and Behavioral Consequences of Disasters: Models Informed by the Global Experience 1950-2005

Sasha Rudenstine and Sandro Galea

Population Mental Health 

Neal Cohen and Sandro Galea

Mental Health and Disasters

Yuval Neria, Sandro Galea, and Fran H. Norris 





"This book is must reading for anyone involved in planning the mental health response to disasters." -Philip E. Veenhuis, Journal of the American Medical Association 

"...the book has a forward-looking perspective...they identify important gaps in our knowledge and the challenges facing us if we are to address these." -David A. Alexander, The British Journal of Psychiatry

"This book, with 35 chapters by almost 100 experts, provides a comprehensive overview of current thinking and practice in disaster mental health." -Peter Ventevogel, Intervention

Macrosocial Determinants of Population Health

ed. Sandro Galea





"Epidemiologists unfamiliar with these constructs will benefit by careful study of the lucid chapters on climate change, culture, taxation, and mass media." -J. Michael Oakes, American Journal of Epidemiology

Methods for Disaster Mental Health Research

edited by Fran H. Norris, Sandro Galea, Matthew J. Friedman, and Patricia J. Watson




"...this book should be read by mental health professionals who seek clearly written, timely, and authoritative presentations on disaster research methodology." -Frederick J. Stoddard, Psychiatric Services

"This encyclopedic but easy to read volume offers a valuable and much needed resource to investigators attempting to meet the challenge of disaster research." -The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease

"The publication of this a seminal event in the history of disaster mental health research. It answers the growing awareness of a need for agreed-upon scientific values and articulation of methodologies within the disaster mental health research community, oriented toward the creation of information that can guide the development of programs and policy." -Rebecca P. Smith, PsycCRITIQUES

"...this publication answers the calls in current disaster literature for more research by synthesizing what is known about disaster and providing an effective tool with which this needed research can be conducted." -Andrea C. Walker, Death Studies

Cities and the Health of the Public

edited by Nicholas Freudenberg, Sandro Galea, and David Vlahov





"...a significant contribution to furthering urban public practice and research." -Rashiah Elam and Paul Meissner, Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved

"...a book that will be of interest to social scientists but also worth consulting for physicians with practices that involve urban health."
-Amasa B. Ford, New England Journal of Medicine

"...those who are interested in urban health will find it to be a valuable resource." -Russ Lopez, Journal of the American Medical Association

-"...a wonderful synthesis of recent scholarship on urban health from a variety of will become a classic reference text for this rapidly developing field." -Mary Guinan, Preventive Medicine

Handbook of Urban Health: Populations, Methods, and Practice

edited by Sandro Galea and David Vlahov





"...Handbook of Urban Health soundly provides the fundamentals on urban health for a wide audience. It will assist health care practitioners in better understanding the strengths and weaknesses of various types of research methods. For researchers and teachers of public health, it describes the realities of providing health care to diverse populations." -Russ Lopez, Journal of the American Medical Association

"This is an excellent book that could be useful for courses in urban health and as a resource for understanding urban health research, practice, and public policy." -Howard Spivak, The New England Journal of Medicine

"Galea and Vlahov have, in large part, defined the field of urban health..." -Lynne C. Messer and Jay S. Kaufman, American Journal of Epidemiology

"The editors successfully bridge urban health inquiry and public health practice by combining descriptions of issues in urban health, methods used in urban health studies, and examples from practitioners."-Tord Kjellstrom, Environmental Health Perspectives

"This well-written, well-organized edited volume is a fairly comprehensive handbook on both the research methodology and practice of urban health. … This is an excellent reference book for anyone working on or studying urban health, policy or planning." -K. H. Jacobsen, CHOICE